The Ecocentric Mom Organic Tagua Heart Bracelet

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"Tagua" is also known as "Vegetable Ivory". This one-of-a-kind bracelet has been handcrafted from a Tagua Tree Nut which has the same appearance, density and feel of animal ivory without causing any harm to animals or the South American Rainforests where it is harvested and gathered. The colors are dyed using certified organic vegetable dyes from Italy. Due to the scarcity and uniqueness of each piece, no two pieces are exactly the same. Features a unique adjustable band. 100% Organic and Sustainable.

Ecocentric Mom is proud to be helping Fair Trade practices by offering this beautiful organic bracelet.  By purchasing this bracelet, you are directly helping the people in Ecuador by providing reliable employment and a decent living wage.



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The Ecocentric Mom Organic Tagua Heart Bracelet
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